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Madden 19 TOTW Players Revealed For Week 15

With only two weeks left in the season players have been giving it all to help their teams win. Whether it is playing through injuries or stepping up in crucial points in games, successful teams have had standout individual performances. The content creators and staff at EA has brought us another update of a TOTW set, players that stood out and earned a TOTW card.

Again this week they decided to feature a 94 overall BOSS as well as two 92 overall players, one on each side of the football. To earn these cards you need to collect the 79-87 overall players and trade them in for the offensive or defensive boss. Once both bosses are acquired you can earn the ultimate Boss which this week includes a beast on defense that will help any team improve right away.

94 Category

Anthony Barr ROLB for the Minnesota Vikings was unstoppable against the Dolphins, sacking Ryan Tannehill 2 out of the 9 times for the defense Sunday. The Vikings won the game comfortably 41-17. The 6’5 linebacker has 89 speed, 91 acceleration, 89 tackle, 93 play recognition, and 85 power moves. This card is going for around 400,00 coins on the market. (61 cap) 

92 Category

Offensive Boss

Marlon Mack half back for the Indianapolis Colts was all the offense the Colts needed against the Cowboys as they stunned them for zero points. Mack had 149 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns on the way to a 23-0 victory. The 6’0 running back has 91 speed, 94 acceleration, 93 agility, and 90 carrying. (53 cap) 

Defensive Boss 

DeForest Buckner, defensive tackle for the San Fransisco 49ers had 2 sacks and led the game with 11 tackles. With his effort the 49ers were able to upset the Seahawks 26-23 at home. The huge 6’7 lineman has 91 tackle, 91 block shedding, 87 strength, 93 finesse moves, and 90 play recognition. (47 cap) 

87 Category

Dalvin Cook, halfback for the Minnesota Vikings had a nice game with 163 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns and helped the Vikings cruise past the Dolphins 41-17. Obviously he is healthy and ready to perform after another quality performance. The 5’11 back has 91 speed, 92 acceleration, 93 agility and 85 elusiveness. (44 cap) 

Bruce Irvin right end for the Atlanta Falcons helped frustrate Josh Rosen all day, he had 3 total tackles and 1.5 sacks in the win over the Cardinals. The 6’3 lineman/linebacker has 86 speed, 88 acceleration, 85 tackle, and 85 power moves. (43 cap)

86 Category

Josh Allen quarterback for the Buffalo Bills hit Ruben Foster for a 42 yard touchdown in the 4th quarter to help put the Bills ahead 14-13 against the Lions. This ended up being enough as the game ended with that same score. The 6’5 signal caller has 82 speed, 95 throw power, and 83 throw on the run. (48 cap) 

Jamie Collins Sr. is the LOLB for the Cleveland Browns. He had 6 tackles and a sack to help the Browns win their fourth game out of the last five and take down the Broncos 17-16. The 6’3 linebacker has 83 speed, 88 acceleration, and 83 tackle. (39 cap) 

83 Category

Damien Williams half back for the Kansas City Chiefs had two touchdowns and 123 yards from scrimmage which was a career high. Even with this effort the Chiefs fell to the Chargers 29-28. The 5’11 ball carrier has 90 speed, 90 acceleration, and 87 agility. (33 cap) 

Darqueze Dennard cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals had a forced fumble which he recovered and 8 total tackles which led the team. The Bengals took down the Raiders 30-16. The 5’11 corner has 90 speed, 89 acceleration, and 86 jumping. (31 cap) 

82 Category

Jaylen Samuels half back for the Pittsburgh Steelers had a career best 172 yards from scrimmage and helped the Steelers beat Tom Brady and the Patriots 17-10. The 5’11 running back has 87 speed, 88 acceleration, and 84 agility. (28 cap) 

Tyquan Lewis right end for the Indianapolis Colts had his first two career sacks against the Cowboys as they won 23-0. The 6’4 defensive lineman has 88 acceleration, 83 strength, and 79 tackle. (32 cap) 

80 Category

Garrett Celek tight end for the San Fransisco 49ers had a huge 41 yard touchdown reception to put the 49ers up 8 against the Seahawks. They ended winning the game 26-23 in OT. The 6’5 tight end has 80 run block, 79 speed and 79 catching. (30 cap) 

Corey Graham free safety for the Philadelphia Eagles had 3 total tackles and an interception to help upset the Rams 30-23 on the road. The 6’0 defensive back has 89 acceleration, 82 tackle and 85 speed. (26 cap) 

79 Category

Justin Jackson half back for the Los Angeles Chargers had 85 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown in the comeback victory over the Chiefs this weekend. The 5’11 running back has 87 speed, 88 acceleration, and 87 agility. (24 cap) 

Sam Hubbard is the left end for the Cincinnati Bengals, he tallied 2 tackles, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble. This effort helped the Bengals defeat the Raiders 30-16. The 6’5 lineman has 84 tackle, 82 acceleration, and 78 finesse moves. (25 cap).

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