In this Madden 19 tip, we are going over 2 ways to run a play in the Singleback Deuce formation.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Buffalo Bills

Formation: Singleback Deuce

Play: Ace Posts

Setup 1:

  1. Put the A/X tight end on a drag route
  2. Put the Y/Triangle tight end on a drag route

Setup 2:

  1. Put the A/X tight end on a streak
  2. Motion the B/O receiver to the left


(For First Setup)

  1. Look for the running back out of the backfield on the delay curl
  2. Then look for either the A/X or Y/Triangle tight end on the drag routes
  3. If those are not there look for either the X/Square or B/O receiver on the post routes

(For Second Setup)

  1. The first read is the Y/Triangle tight end on the flat route
  2. If that is not there look for the B/O receiver on the corner route
  3. Then look deep over the middle to the X/Square receiver on the post

Overview: On this play we have a couple different setups that make this play unique. The first setup is a very quick one and you can easily catch your opponent off guard especially if they run a lot of Cover 2 defenses. The great thing about the second setup is you can run it to either side of the field that you would like too.