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Madden 19 TOTW Players For Week 2 Revealed

90 Category/Boss Players

This week the content creators at EA did a fantastic job with highlighting the players of the week and showcasing two stars from the weekend. The offensive boss is Patrick Mahomes and with good reason. The Kansas City quarterback had another breakout performance in week 2 with six touchdowns and 326 yards to lift the Chiefs over the Steelers in a shootout against big Ben Roethlisberger. He has a 90 overall boss card with solid attributes like 93 throw power but his deep throw accuracy is a red flag only at 83. Even with this, some MUT users could be taking out Michael Vick and other star players and replacing them with Mahomes. (48 cap) 

 The defensive boss is Melvin Ingram which is also well deserved after the RE helped the Chargers defense record 5 sacks and 2 interceptions against the struggling Buffalo Bills. As always Ingram was a major part of the defense recording 1.5 sacks and 5 tackles and enabling the Chargers to win their first game of the year. He also received a 90 overall with great play recognition at 88, and finesse moves being a 93. (45 cap)  

Earning these players is always the challenge and you’ll need to attain some of the other players that had outstanding week 2 performances to do so. For some of the more impatient or coin heavy players these bosses are on the market for right around 350,000 coins. 

84-85 Players

84 Category:

Ricardo Allen, the Atlanta Falcons Free Safety had a big day picking off Cam Newton late in the 4th quarter and adding 5 tackles throughout the contest. A smaller safety at 5’9 he makes up for it with his 86 speed and acceleration. (27 cap)

Andy Dalton of the Bengals had a great performance against the Ravens on Thursday night recording 4 touchdowns and no turnovers making sure to put his team in the drivers seat of the AFC North. With 85 throw power and 83 short throw accuracy he’s a good player for some lower budget QB teams in MUT. (29 cap)

85 Category:  

Prince Amukamara was a difference maker against the Seahawks, lifting the Bears to a 24-17 victory with a pick six in the 4th quarter. An interesting player being 6’0 with 87 speed, 88 acceleration, and 90 agility. However, it does lack in man and zone coverage both being under 80 for the Bears cornerback. (29 cap)

DeSean Jackson had 4 catches for 129 yards and a touchdown for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend to help them take down the defending super bowl champions. This card has 88 speed and 86 catching making the veteran receiver an option for some teams slot WR position. (31 cap)

80-81 Players 

80 Category: 

Darius Leonard, the Colts MLB was everywhere this Sunday recording 15 solo tackles to help defeat the Redskins on the road. He also added a forced fumble and sack earning him an 80 overall card. The 6’2 linebacker has 84 tackle with 82 acceleration. (25 cap) 

Matt Breida made fantasy owners happy this weekend after having 138 rushing yards and a touchdown. One of the best TOTW 2 cards with 90 speed, 89 acceleration, and 86 agility. This 80 overall back could make his way into some players backfields. (28 cap) 

81 Category: 

Derwin James, the Chargers first round draft pick lived up to the hype with 8 total tackles and a sack. The 6’3 corner has 86 speed, 87 acceleration, and 86 hit power. (34 cap) 

Keelan Cole of the Jaguars had 7 receptions and 116 receiving yards with a TD. He also made one of the best catches of the year so far, sticking up one hand and catching a bullet pass down the sideline from Blake Bortles. 85 speed and 76 catching he will need to continue these performances to have MUT users seeking his card for their depth charts. (24 cap) 

77-78 Players 

77 Category: 

Elijah Lee was a difference maker in the close fought game between the 49ers and Lions. He recorded a career high 10 tackles and a strip sack for the 49ers and showed that he deserves to be on the field. The 6’2 ROLB has good acceleration 85, and solid jumping 86, making him a possible user for some players that are running low on cap space. (23 cap)

Tavon Austin of the Cowboys had 94 yards from scrimmage and a TD to help beat the Giants on Sunday night. However, the WR/HB  shows great speed 91, and acceleration 92 making him a big play threat. (31 cap) 

78 Category: 

Kiko Alonso had a big game for the Dolphins with 13 tackles and 2 forced fumbles helping Miami remain undefeated. 82 acceleration, 78 speed, and 74 tackling. Still has room to improve to be a highly used player in MUT. (25 cap) 

Tyler Boyd, the 6’2 Bengals WR, had a touchdown and 6 receptions helping Cincinnati take down Baltimore 34-23. 83 speed, 83 jumping, but only a 77 catching as he still has to continue to play well throughout the year. (21 cap) 

Overall, EA made sure to take their time and deliver a quality choice of players. With a dominant quarterback and defensive end up for grabs make sure to be on the lookout for these players to make a difference this week and into the rest of the season not only in MUT but in the National Football League as well. 

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