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Madden 19 Minnesota Defensive eBook Members Area

Thank you for purchasing the Madden 19 Minnesota Defensive eBook for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.  The eBook will be viewable directly on our website. This eBook is based out of the Minnesota Vikings defensive playbook but many of the plays can be found in other playbooks as well.

Keep in mind this ebook is not supposed to act as an official strategy guide.  It is just a collection of tips from our team of professional madden gamers organized in a way that is easy to understand.

NOTE: It is important that you turn off defensive auto-flip otherwise some of the plays will not work.

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Or pick and choose the formations you are interested in seeing.

Formation #1: 4-3 Over Plus*

Formation #2: Dime Normal

Formation #3: Quarter Normal

Formation #4: Nickel Normal*

Formation #5: 4-3 Over

Update #1: Gameplay Videos

Recommended Formations*

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  1. Thanks for the hard work and dedication you guys put in to help keep us at the top of our game!!! Gladly appreciated!!!

    1. Thank you for that Louch848! It means a lot to know the community supports us like that.

  2. Any advice on what to run against double crossing routes. Got killed the other day. Could not stop it. Think cross out of shotgun tight slots?

    1. The best way to stop crossing routes in general is to send a lot of pressure and manually take away one of them. Crossing routes take a while to develop and that is their main weakness

  3. Is this the most recent defensive ebook?(as of 01/2019)

  4. Will there be new plays this month??

  5. Need a play to stop tosses and outside runs. Please advise