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Madden 19: Gun Stack Y Flex – Drive H Wheel and Inside Zone

Today we are finishing up our Gun Stack Y Flex mini scheme with 2 more plays. If you missed the earlier plays in the scheme, you can check out part 1 here or part 2 here.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 19: Gun Stack Y Flex - Drive H Wheel and Inside Zone

Playbook: Atlanta Falcons

Formation: Gun Stack Y Flex

Plays: Drive H Wheel and Inside Zone

Setup: None required


  1. Your first read is the X/square receiver on the quick out
  2. Then look to the Y/triangle receiver on the deep corner
  3. Then look to the B/circle receiver on the drag
  4. Then tight end on the Dig route can also get open
  5. Your final read is the running back on the wheel route

Overview: The last two plays here cover attacking the left side of the field in the event your opponent starts making adjustments to their coverage assuming you’ll be attacking the right side.

This play floods the left side of the field while also allowing you to attack the flat on the right side with your running back. This is a great man/cover 3 beater.

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5 years ago

What happened to the Y Sail play you mentioned at the end of the Fade Out video?

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