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Madden 19: Gun Split Close Pats – PA Y Shot (Cover 3 Beater)

In our last 2 Madden 19 tips, we went over different setups to the PA Y Shot play from the Gun Split Close Pats formation. If you missed those, you can check out Mazin’s version here or Stickwork’s version here.

Today we are going over a 3rd and final way of running this play. This works great when your opponent comes out in a single high safety look.

Check it out below.

Madden 19: Gun Split Close Pats - PA Y Shot (Version 3)

Playbook: New England Patriots

Formation: Gun Split Close Pats

Play: PA Y Shot (Version 3)


  1. Put your B/circle receiver on a hitch route
  2. Motion your tight end to the right
  3. (Optional) Put your running backs on shallow hot routes


  1. The main read on this play is against a cover 3 defense, we are looking to the X/square receiver (lead pass up)
  2. If he is covered, throw to the hitch route or playmaker him to an open spot and then throw it.

Overview: This play creatively beats cover 3 defenses deep. Anytime you see a single high safety look, call this version of the play.

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