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Gun Split Close Pats – PA Y Shot (Version 2)

In today’s Madden 19 tip, Stickwork is going over his take on the PA Y Shot play that Mazin first covered yesterday. Our Madden 19 New England Offensive eBook is out now!

Tomorrow we will be going over a 3rd way to run the play so you will have a full understanding of all of the different options this play gives you!

Madden 19: Gun Split Close Pats - PA Y Shot (Version 2)

Playbook: New England Patriots

Formation: Gun Split Close Pats

Play: PA Y Shot (Version 2)


  1. Put the Y/Triangle running back on an out to the left
  2. Put the B/O receiver on a drag route
  3. Motion the B/O receiver to the left side of the screen


  1. The first read on this play is the Y/Triangle running back out of the backfield
  2. Then look for the B/O receiver on his drag route
  3. If that is not there look for the A/X tight end on the over route
  4. Finally, find the X/Square receiver on his over route to the right side of the field

Overview: This setup for this play is very effective because you have a high and low read on both sides of the field. If the defense plays underneath coverage you hit one of the deeper routes. If the defense is playing back then you throw it to the underneath routes.

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