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Madden 18 ratings update

Madden 18 Week 12 Ratings Update: Winners And Losers

The latest roster is now available to download, and as always the pros at Madden School have this week’s top ratings highlights. Madden School is dedicated to providing you with the latest Madden 18 ratings news and expert analysis. Here are the Madden 18 week 12 player ratings update winners and losers.


FS Andre Hal Houston Texans Up 3 points from 76 to 79 overall

Andre Hal has been up and down a little bit this season, but his stellar play as of late has his rating up by 3 big points. In particular, Hal’s MCV and ZCV both went up this week. His MCV and ZCV ratings rose by an incredible 6 points this week up to a 74 and 77, respectively. That’s great news if you like playing with the Texans.

HB JD McKissic Seattle Seahawks Up 3 points from 71 to 74 overall

McKissic is up by 3 points, but he’s not the only RB on his team to see a boost in their overall rating as Mike Davis also rose by 2. McKissic, though, is up by 3 big points to a 74 overall, which is up by 11 points since August’s launch. McKissic’s biggest jump came in the form of an 8 point boost in his CAR rating from a 77 to an 85. That’s a huge ratings category for the position, and 8 points is an incredible jump in any single rating.

RE Willie Henry Baltimore Ravens Up 3 points from 70 to 73 overall

Henry’s ratings rose steadily in several categories. His AWR rating rose by 3, his PMV and FMV by 1, and his BSH by 2. These aren’t necessarily eye popping leaps in these categories, but they all help bring his overall rating up by 3 points. Henry should continue to see his overall rating steadily climb given he keeps playing the way he has been along that Raven’s D-line.

FS Budda Baker Arizona Cardinals Up 4 points from 70 to 74 overall

First, Budda Baker might be the best name in the NFL. He just sounds like a Big Hitter. Names aside, Baker’s overall rating rose by a whopping 4 points from a 70 to a 74. The biggest jumps came in his MCV and ZCV ratings as they both went up by 6. He did see an 11 point rise in his pass rushing categories, but since he’s a FS, those aren’t all that important. Baker’s ZCV jumped up to a 74, which is vital to his ability as a FS to cover the deep routes. Baker should continue to see his ratings climb if he keeps playing the way he has been.


HB Terrance West Baltimore Ravens Down by 4 points from an 81 to a 77 overall

West has seen his productivity drop lately, and his Madden rating has followed suit. West fell by a whopping 4 points in this week’s ratings. In particular, West’s ELU and BCV both fell by 4 and 3 points, respectively.

FS Deangelo Hall Washington Redskins Down by 3 points from 78 to a 75 overall

Deangelo Hall is on the decline, and given his age he’s not likely to bounce back anytime soon. Hall’s overall is down by 4 points since launch, but this week’s drop hurt the most. His MCV and ZCV both dropped by a big 6 points this week. Those are big categories for a DB at any position.

LT Duane Brown Seattle Seahawks Down 3 points from 82 to a 79 overall

Duane Brown’s overall rating has dropped by 7 points since launch, and this week he dropped by 3. The LT struggled in pass protection that past few weeks and it caught up to him in the Madden ratings. Brown’s PBK rating fell off by a big 5 points while his RBK also dropped by 3 points. Brown’s rating in both blocking categories is now at a 79, and if he continues to struggle, his PBK and RBK will keep going down.

LOLB Gerald Hodges Jr New Orleans Saints Down by 3 points from a 73 to a 70 overall

Hodges was a great free agent addition for the Saints, but his overall rating has fallen off lately. Hodges BSH, FMV, PMV, MCV, and ZCV all dropped by 4 points. If nothing else, at least that’s consistent. Fun aside, Hodges has fallen off by 9 points since launch and since the Saints signed him off of the FA wire. He came in with much better pass rushing abilities, but Hodges hasn’t produced on the field leaving him with diminished FMV and PMV ratings.

That just about does it for this week’s ratings update. Who are some of your winners? Losers? Certainly there were plenty of candidates this week. There were big ratings moves among Punters and Full Backs in particular. Get the conversation started in the comments section below.

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