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Madden 18: Full House Wide – PA Packer Posts

In today’s Madden School tip, we are going over a great way to beat cover 4 defenses in Madden 18 as well as most other common defenses you’ll encounter.

Check it out below.

Madden 18 Full House Wide - PA Packer Posts

Playbook: Cleveland Browns

Formation: Full House Wide

Play: PA Packer Posts (Flipped)


  1. Slide protect right


  1. The first read on this play is the X/Square receiver deep
  2. Then look for the B/O receiver quick on the low pass lead or wait until he comes across the field
  3. The check downs are the delay routes out of the backfield

Overview: This play is going to be able to beat Cover 4 defenses deep, while also having a very effective post route underneath. Making use of the low-ball feature it makes it a difficult route to defend. This play also has great blocking because of the delay routes.

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Marshall Heppner
Marshall Heppner
5 years ago

Need to find this in Madden 19. Any advice on what playbook has PA Packer Posts?

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