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Madden 17: 4-3 Under – Mike Sam Crash Press

In today’s Madden 17 defensive tip, we are going over a 4 man nano blitz that you can use to get quick pressure on your opponents.

You can check out the full setup below.

Madden 17: 4-3 Under - Mike Sam Crash Press

Playbook: Atlanta Falcons

Formation: 4-3 Under

Play: Mike Sam Crash Press


  1. Spread the defensive line
  2. Crash the defensive line to slant outside
  3. QB Contain
  4. Zone the two lineman blitzing on the left side of the screen

Overview: This blitz brings great pressure from the right side of the screen. Only blitzing four people gives you 7 in coverage.

The left side of the field is completely locked with zones, the right side has the deep blue and a purple. Therefore, lurk with the safety and takeaway the right/middle or your opponents first read and by that time the pressure will be there.

Madden School Unlimited Preview

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  1. Nano Blitzes don’t exist anymore. A Nano is unslidable and unblockable. You slide your line right and block your running back as well as use alternate formations that block more to the right and this is going to be shut down and you will be picked apart.

    1. No defense is perfect. This is just a good one to add into your scheme.

  2. and how in the world do you finish all of that before he says hike??

    1. This does take a little practice but it can be done pretty easily after you get used to it.

      1. How qould the button progression for this go on ps4? I have the first 2 step down, because these are things in normally do, but it’s quickly doing the last 2 parts of it that I’m wondering about.

    2. lol. That’s not even a lot. Reason I like these guys (madden School) a lil more than others, their blitzes tend to require less of a setup.

  3. Right at the 0:30-0:40 mark you see the OBVIOUSLY FLAW in this game. You have TWO OL ot the left who stay put and make no attempt to block the man. Madden 18 will have more of the same just with updated roster and this year with better textures in the graphics. SMH

  4. and when you say “slant outside” does that mean: to the right?

    1. Slant outside means crash the D line up on the right stick