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madden 18 super bowl roster update

Madden 18 Super Bowl Roster Update

The Madden 18 Super Bowl roster update is ready to download, and Madden School has you covered on all the latest news surrounding this week’s update. The roster update is one of the final updates of the season, and this week’s biggest moves include more than just player ratings.

Injured Players Return

Injured players are once again available to play with given they aren’t on one of the final two Super Bowl teams. Only the Eagles and the Patriots rosters have yet to see injured players return. Sorry to those of you who want to use Carson Wentz. You’ll have to wait a few more weeks for his return.

Good news, though, is Aaron Rogers is back, and that might mean trouble for the online competitive community. Aside from his return, other big time players that you’ll have a chance to use once again include QB Deshaun Watson, WR Cameron Meredith, WR John Ross, and more.

madden 18 super bowl roster updateThere were some small moves in the ratings of players who participated in Championship weekend. As is expected, a few of the players from the losing teams, Vikings and Jaguars, saw their ratings go down while a those from the winning teams, Eagles and Patriots, will find their ratings rose a bit.

Here are some of the winners and losers from this week’s roster update.


Lane Johnson RT, Eagles

Up 1 point to a 91 overall

Chris Long LE, Eagles

Up 2 points to an 81 overall

Alshon Jeffery WR, Eagles

Up 1 point to a 90 overall

Trey Flowers RE, Patriots

Up 2 points to an 86 overall

Nick Foles QB, Eagles

Up 2 points to a 75 overall

Zach Ertz TE, Eagles

Up 1 point to an 88 overall

Nate Solder LT, Patriots

Up 1 point to an 81 overall


Calais Campbell RE, Jaguars

Down 1 point to a 94 overall

AJ Bouye CB, Jaguars

Down 1 point to a 89 overall

Anthony Barr ROLB, Vikings

Down 1 point to a 84 overall

Case Keenum QB, Vikings

Down 1 point to an 83 overall

Tashaun Gipson FS, Jaguars

Down 1 point to an 83 overall

Adam Thielen WR, Vikings

Down 1 point to an 87 overall


It’s easy to tell from these lists exactly which teams won and which teams lost this past weekend. The Eagles and Patriots both have players all over the winners side of the Madden School list. It will definitely be interesting to see how much play the Eagles get online over the course of the next two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. QB Nick Foles is still a liability in Madden 18, no matter how well he played in the NFC Championship game.

madden 18 roster update

On the other end of the spectrum, the losers side of the list is littered with Jaguars and Vikings players. Jaguar defenders such as RE Calais Campbell, CB AJ Bouye, and more all saw their ratings go down just a bit after last week’s AFC Championship loss. Regardless, both losing teams are still viable teams with really great ratings, and come tailor made for online competitive play.

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6 years ago

When is the final roster update for madden 18 coming out? Where inactive players like Carson Wentz can be active?

6 years ago
Reply to  Taylor

yeah answer taylors question

Matthew Wynkoop
Matthew Wynkoop
6 years ago

When can I play with the 49ers new roster? Please please update

Madden School
6 years ago

That will be available in Madden 19

6 years ago

I hope you fix the pass interferences calls , db’s completely stop my guys route no calls. For franchise please add where they call out our names when we create players for it.