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Madden 18 Philadelphia Offensive eBook

Our Philadelphia Offensive eBook for Madden 18 is now available!  All of the plays in the eBook can be found inside the Philadelphia Eagles offensive playbook.

This ebook was designed by Madden School pros, Stickwork and Mazin, who break down 6 formations: Singleback Ace, Singleback Deuce Y Flex, Singleback Deuce Close, Singleback Ace Slot, Gun Bunch, Singleback Y Trips.

Each play comes with full HDs video with voiceover along with a detailed step-by-step written breakdown.  All of our ebooks are designed to work on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One in all game modes including Ultimate Team, Head to Head, and Franchise mode.

Here’s a sample play from our Madden 18 Philadelphia Offensive eBook.

This is our 12th ebook of Madden NFL 18.  It is only available to Madden School Unlimited members.  You can get this one and every other Madden 18 ebook we release by joining Madden School Unlimited!

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  1. Why do you all charge so much for the unlimited playbook? I’m sure you all would sell more if you all had it broken down playbook by playbook instead of having to purchase all these playbooks.

    1. Our pricing is $24.99 per individual ebook or you can get all of them for $59.99 with our Madden School Unlimited membership. We currently have 12 ebooks out for Madden 18.

      We have certain ebooks that are exclusive to only MS Unlimited members. You are correct though that we could make much more selling them individually but that isn’t our goal. We want to provide the best value possible for our fans that support us each and every year.

      1. Yeah but it’s too late in the Madden year to charge $60.00 for a membership. No ones paying that amount of money for ebooks this late in the season. Especially since a lot of your ebooks aren’t working completely due to the patches. No sir! See you guys next Madden season…maybe

        1. It also gets you all of our Madden 19 ebooks through April 1st, 2019 along with all of our Madden 18 ebooks. It really is our best deal ever.

          1. How long does it takes to receive access after payment??

          2. It is immediate.

  2. Definelty haven’t been able to see any of then today…You mind checking on that for me?

  3. How can i view the ebooks i purchased the unlimited access but every time i try to search an ebook it aays it’s for unlimited access members only