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Madden 18: Gun DBL Y Flex Off – WK Sail

In today’s Madden School tip, Stickwork is going over a play that requires no setup at all but has really easy reads that attack the entire field.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 18 Passing Tip: Gun DBL Y Flex OFF - WK Sail

Playbook: Detroit Lions

Formation: Gun DBL Y Flex OFF WK

Play: Sail


  1. None required


  1. The first read on the play will be the running back quick out of the backfield
  2. If that isn’t there look to the A/X tight end
  3. Then move on to the X/Square receiver deep over the middle
  4. If that is not there look toward the corner route by the Y/Triangle receiver

Overview: This play is effective because you can quick hike your opponent which leaves your opponent very little time to setup his defense. The routes on this play are going to attack all areas of the field. You can throw quick short passes and also attack the deeper parts of the field as well.

Let’s dive into this play in more detail.

You can see that we have no adjustments or extra setup needed for this play.

This time we decide to throw to our tight end along the sideline.

He catches the pass for about a 5 yard gain but you can see that no one is around him so we can turn it up field.

We end up with about a 12 yard gain and a first down.

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