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Madden 18: How To Stop The Gun Monster Formation

In an earlier Madden 18 tip, we went over one of the most effective plays in the game if your opponent doesn’t know what he is doing.  Gun Monster – Inside Zone has the potential to go for huge gains unless your opponent knows a counter.

In today’s Madden School tip, SnA Exclusive is going over a way to shut it down every time.

Let’s get right into it.

Madden 18: How to counter Gun Monster - Inside Zone

Playbook: Any

Formation: Any

Play: Any


  1. Base Align
  2. Pinch your defensive line
  3. pinch your linebackers
  4. (Optional) QB Contain

Summary: The Gun Monster is probably the most broken formation in the game when you’re facing the AI on offense, because the AI never base aligns or pinches their linebackers or defensive line. A lot of users try to abuse this formation but with this tip you can quickly shut it down if someone tries to run it against you.

Let’s take a closer look at how this play works.

This is the most important screenshot.  Notice how because we pinched our linebackers and defensive line that we have 8 guys in the box.

Right when the quarterback hands the ball off, we already have 2 guys in the backfield ready to tackle him.

The play ends in a 5 yard loss and that should stop your opponent from ever trying to run that play on you again.

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6 years ago

Only played draft champs online so far and havent come up against anyone calling this yet. Thanks for the heads up