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Madden 18 has Even More Realistic Game Play

The new Madden is here and let the gaming community rejoice! We waited patiently all off season for this game to come out and we finally got our prize. They let you select multiple game play styles, one of them being realistic. We prefer to use this as we like to believe we are actually calling the shots on Sunday!

The physics in the game have reached an all time high and the editors and graphic designers did not disappoint. We are closing in on point where the game will look just as real as when the boys actually play on Sunday’s.

With Madden 18 being more realistic the game play becomes a little harder. You have to be that much better at calling plays on offense and defense. But it is all worth it. You notice the little things were not simply brushed over like in other video games. If a running back isn’t protecting the ball when he gets cracked and if the ball is tipped in the air it is free game for a turnover just like in real life.

Realistic play calling as opposed to calling the same play time and time again just because it is working, is something we have noticed early on to be crucial in victory. The NFL is right here in your living room.

No matter the console you are playing on, one thing remains true, this Madden, and like all Maddens before it will take a little getting used to before you can destroy the gridiron like you have been doing for years. If you are new to Madden then do not waste any time because the gamers are swarming around this realistic first person gaming experience.

Whether you are playing MUT, Head to Head, or Franchise this game will be different. A couple veteran tips:

-Know your offensive schemes

-Know how your defense thrives

-Don’t let your opponent intimidate you (haha)

This game is so realistic you may get lost in the visual extravaganza and think you are watching live TV! Stay tuned for more tips on all styles of game play and strategy.

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LiveCah Diggah
LiveCah Diggah
6 years ago

Great improvements on the game but will the injured during online ranked games will still be able to play at a effectiveness like they was never injured? That’s hurting the game where injured players can still impact a game if they’re taking out of the starting lineup!

6 years ago

I agree, if they can’t play in real life, shouldn’t be able to play h2h

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