If you play with a team like the Panthers, Patriots, or Seahawks, many people won’t give you credit for your wins.  They just pass it off as you only won because you used a superior team.  That’s why  it is a point of pride for many top gamers to choose sleeper teams that you don’t see everyone using in Madden 17.

Part of the fun of finding these sleeper teams is matching up your strengths as a gamer with the team strengths to find the right team for you.  However, we’ve also compiled a list of 3 teams that we believe to be the top 3 lower rated teams in Madden 17.


These teams aren’t in any particular order and the teams will work with varying success based on your play style.

If you missed our top 5 teams in Madden 17, you can check it out here.  Let’s get right to it.

Buffalo Bills

Let’s start off here with Tyrod Taylor.  He is one of the most dangerous dual threat quarterbacks in the game.  Defenses have to commit an extra guy to stop him from scrambling.

The Bills also have 2 extremely dangerous running backs in Lesean McCoy and and Karlos Williams.  Sammy Watkins is a dominant #1 receiver and then you have some of the fastest wide receivers in Madden history all on the same team.  As we all know, speed is king in Madden games and the Bills have no shortage of speed.  Charles Clay is a very solid tight end and the offensive line is fairly good as well.


The Bills defensive line is still strong in Madden 17 which will make playing defense a little easier.  The corners are pretty athletic which allows them to match up well with the tall/speedy receivers Madden players like to use so much.

All in all, the Bills could be a scary team in Madden 17.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are probably the most improved team from the beginning of Madden 16 to the beginning of Madden 17.  In Madden 15 and Madden 16 they quite possibly had the worst Madden defense of all time.  They had no highly rated players, no speed anywhere on the field, and didn’t really have anything on offense either to make up for it.

This year, they have a surprisingly good offense and the potential to have a top 5 Madden 17 defense if they can win a few games early on and get some ratings boosts via roster updates.

Blake Bortles is an up and coming Madden quarterback who can make whatever throws you need to make in Madden 17.  He also has just enough mobility to make opposing defenses think about him running.  Chris Ivory, T.J. Yeldon, and Denard Robinson together combine to make a serviceable backfield.  Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Julius Thomas are extremely tough to match up with.  If the offensive line can just hold up, this is an offense that you will be able to put up some points with.

The defense has depth, talent, and speed all over the field.  On the defensive line you have Malik Jackson, Jared Odrick, Dante Fowler Jr., Sen’Derrick Marks and Roy Miller III.  They all have decent backups behind them as well.  The linebackers are probably the strength of this defense though.  At the two outside linebacker positions you have 2 of the most athletic linebackers in Madden 17 in Telvin Smith and Myles Jack.  Paul Posluszny at middle linebacker should be able to handle everything else.


In the secondary the Jaguars have a bunch of playmakers.  Prince Amukamara and Jalen Ramsey will make it difficult for teams to move the ball in the air.  Big hitters like Johnathan Cyprien and Tashaun Gipson should be able to force a fumble or 2 each game.

The hype surrounding the Jaguars is real.  This team could easily be a top Madden NFL 17 team by the end of the year.

Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are back to being the dominant Madden team that they were 5-10 years ago.  Derek Carr has all the tools you want in a Madden quarterback, Latavius Murray has the speed to take any running play to the house, Amari Cooper is one of the best young receivers in the NFL, and Michael Crabtree is about as consistent a receiver as they come.  The offensive line is pretty good as well.

The defensive line will be able to hold up against all but the strongest of running games with Dan Williams in the middle and some good pass rushers on the edge.

If there are a duo of outside linebackers who are more talented than the Jaguars combo of Telvin Smith and Myles Jack it is the Raiders.  Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin have to be one of the best linebacker duos in Madden history.  Those guys are 2 of the most feared defensive players in Madden and now they find themselves on the same team.  That is going to be downright scary in Madden 17.

The secondary on the Oakland Raiders is extremely strong as well.  Sean Smith, David Amerson, Reggie Nelson, and either Karl Joseph or Nate Allen at strong safety.   D.J. Hayden is still very good in Madden just based on his physical attributes.  This will be a hard defense to move the ball against.


Who are your sleeper teams in Madden 17?  Let us know in the comments.