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Madden 17 Singleback Jumbo Heavy Mini eBook

Our Madden 17 Singleback Jumbo Heavy Mini eBook is now available!  In this ebook, we dive deep into one of the most effective (yet relatively unknown) formations in Madden 17.

We go over each passing play against cover 2, cover 3, cover 4, and man to man defenses so you know the reads to make for any defense you encounter in Madden NFL 17.

This eBook is only available to Madden School Unlimited members.  If you are a member already, you can view the full mini ebook inside of the members area or on the Madden School Unlimited app.

Here is a free play from the ebook:

Madden 17: Singleback Jumbo Heavy eBook Preview

The Singleback Jumbo Heavy mini eBook is only available to Madden School Unlimited members!  It is our 11th ebook of the year.  If you are interested in becoming a Madden School Unlimited member, here is where you can learn more about it.  Or you can become a Madden School Unlimited member by checking out below.

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  1. What are ebooks. Like play books we can download. With these plays in em already?

    1. It is where we go into a playbook and find the best plays and adjustments to make to those plays and we walk you through how to run them and when to call them so you can score more points.

  2. Is this formation in any team’s playbooks?

  3. So if i pay $60 do i get all ebooks every year madden comes out

    1. You would get all of our ebooks for Madden 17 and all of our Madden 18 ebooks up until January of 2018.

    1. No, we charge $59.99 for access to our Unlimited plan which gets you access to the 11 ebooks we have out so far and 1 year of more ebooks and updates. Jumbo Heavy is only available to our Unlimited members.

      1. so to get jumbo heavy must pay $60

        1. Yes there is no other way to get it other than being a Madden School Unlimited member.

  4. yo i wanted to buy the run balanced playbook seperately who do i have to speak to?

    1. Unfortunately we don’t offer this ebook on it’s own. It is only available to our Unlimited members.

  5. how i am an unlimited member but can’t access the e books so frustating

  6. so the $60 is for a full year worth of ebook from date of purchase?

  7. What difficulty level are official tournaments set at (pro, all-pro, or all madden)?

  8. I forgot my login info and can’t find it in my email what do I do