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Madden 17: Singleback Ace Pair Twins – PA Zona Sail

In today’s Madden 17 strategy, we are going over a tip for people who aren’t comfortable making tough reads or complicated setups.

The money play below requires no setup and has very easy reads.

Madden 17: Singleback Ace Pair Twins - PA Zona Sail

Playbook: Run Balanced

Formation: Singleback Ace Pair Twins

Play: PA Zona Sail

Setup: None Required


  1. Your first read is between the B/circle receiver and the running back in the flat
  2. If they are both covered, look to your tight end over the middle

Overview: This is a play that beginners can add into their scheme when they need a dependable play with no setup and easy reads.

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7 years ago

I’m gonna try it