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Madden 17: Singleback Deuce Close – HB Wham

In today’s free Madden School strategy, we are starting off a mini scheme with one of the best inside running plays in Madden 17.

You can check it out below.  Part 2 is coming tomorrow.

Madden 17: Singleback Deuce Close HB Wham (Part 1)

Madden-School-UnlimitedPlaybook: Philadelphia Eagles

Formation: Singleback Deuce Close

Play: HB Wham


  1. Flip the play if necessary


  1. Follow the blocks up the middle

Overview: This is one of the most effective run plays up the middle in Madden 17. The blocking on this play is very good. Mixing this play in with the other plays in this mini scheme will make it very tough to stop.

Let’s take a deeper look at this play.


This is how everything looks pre-snap.  Just from the look of the defense, the play should work.


You can see how big the holes are right after the hand off.  We actually have 2 holes to choose from.


We aren’t even touched as we make our way upfield.


Our running back dives into the end zone for a touchdown.

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