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Madden 17 Tuning Update Now Available

Another tuning update is now available in Madden NFL 17 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Below is a list improvements and updates to Madden 17 gameplay.

  • Increased interception chances for user-controlled defenders in Multi-player catches
  • Reduced kick meter accuracy penalty under rain conditions.
  • Reduced kick meter power penalty under snow conditions.
  • Increased wait-time for Pass Rushers to play shed moves when pass rushing (Reduced “Insta-Sheds”)
  • A variety of tuning changes to help defense be more effective vs. running plays
  • Reduced frequency of organic knock-outs after catches
  • Reduced chances of broken tackles for ball carriers
  • Slightly reduced throw-out-of-sack fumble chances
  • Reduced chance for pass-blocking RB’s to Cut-Block
  • Reduce chance for success when pass-blocking RB’s Cut-Block

What are your thoughts on this update? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. You guys are great. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ve become a better player because of you guys.

  2. There is glitch with the stats. Fumbles are not recording when strip sacks are made and players down at the 1 yard line are given a touchdown in the stats despite not scoring

  3. It’s another Glitch that sometimes occur when coming out in a run play and changing it to a pass play, they glitch it into a QB draw and the QB automatic fumble.?

  4. Just a tip for the developers out there. Don’t know how to get it to them but I’ll throw it out there, it isn’t a huge issue. But since so many people like owner mode and franchise is suppose to be so immersive you should allow them to create their owner like previous years. And show them during game or post/pre game. sometimes with a commentary update. And put them in the Super Bowl celebration like you used to. It would be nice to get some credit as the owner.

  5. I don’t know what y’all did but you can’t really stop the pass now. It’s bs.