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Madden 17 Nano Blitz: Nickel Normal – Overload 3 Seam

Today we are breaking down a 4 man B gap nano blitz in the Nickel Normal formation.  It features a more complicated setup, so if you are new to Madden games or just don’t like making adjustments on defense, check out some of our other Madden 17 defenses like 3-4 Bear Pinch Dog 3 or Dime Normal 3 Double Sky.

Let’s dive right into it.

Madden 17 Blitzes: Nickel Normal - Overload 3 Seam

Playbook: Multiple D

Formation: Nickel Normal

Play: Overload 3 Seam


  1. Man Align
  2. Crash the defensive line down
  3. Put the right side of screen defensive end in a QB spy
  4. Put the right side of screen defensive tackle in a Hook zone
  5. Move the left side of the screen blitzing corner down to the line of scrimmage and a step to the right.

Overview: Make sure in your settings that defensive auto flip is set to off otherwise this play may not work.  The positioning of the blitzing cornerback does take a little bit of practice but once you get it down, it is very easy.

Let’s go over this blitz in more detail.

Madden 17 Nickel Normal Defense 1

This is how the play should look pre-snap.  You can see it is a little weird which is why this tip is for more advanced players who are comfortable with unconventional defenses.

madden 17 Nickel Normal defense 2

Most of the time, the blitzing corner should shoot in between the left tackle and the left guard.

Madden 17 Nickel Normal Defense 3

You can see on this play how big that opening is.  We have a free shot at the quarterback.

Madden 17 Nickel Normal Defense 4

We end the play with a sack and 8 yard loss.

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