Nano blitzes work much differently in Madden 17.  It makes a lot more sense this year to blitz off the edge since players will come in slowly if a nano comes in too often up the middle.  So we’ve labbed up a 4 man rush that brings quick edge heat from a blitzing cornerback.

You can check out the full setup and breakdown below.

Playbook: Seattle Seahawks

Formation: Dime Normal

Play: 3 Double Sky


  1. Base Align
  2. Spread your defensive line toward the sideline
  3. Put your blitzing cornerback on the right side of the screen into a yellow zone
  4. Manually user control the free safety

Overview: This is a very effective blitz that brings pressure off the left side of the screen.  It only rushes 4 guys and we still get a guy in untouched.  If for whatever reason the blitz gets picked up, we have great coverage behind it.

Let’s dive into this Madden 17 nano blitz a little further.

madden 17 blitz 3 double sky 1

This is how the final play art looks.  Notice that we have good coverage throughout the field but the coverage is best on the right side of the screen.

madden 17 nano blitz 3 double sky 2

This is how the play should look without the play art.  From the offense’s perspective, it is really hard to see where the blitz might be coming from.  Your formation is very balanced.

madden 17 nano blitz 3 double sky 3

You can see that the cornerback is coming in free off the left side of the screen.  The left tackle is occupied with our defensive end.

madden 17 nano blitz 3 double sky 4

The play results in an easy sack and a forced fumble.

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