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Madden 17: Gun Trey Open – Stick Nod

Early on in Madden 17 we are sticking to basic money plays that are easy and effective.  This Madden 17 tip may not be game-breaking or result in an instant touchdown but it is a very consistent play that you can add into your scheme that will come up huge on important third downs.

Check it out below.

Madden 17 Money Play: Gun Trey Open - Stick N Nod

Playbook: Indianapolis Colts

Formation: Gun Trey Open

Play: Stick Nod


  1. Hot route your R1/RB receiver to a slant route


  1. Your first read is your R1/RB receiver on the slant route
  2. If he is covered, look to your tight end deeper over the middle

Overview: This is another easy to set up and basic play but it can get you big chunks of yards in Madden 17.

Let’s break this down a little further.

madden 17 stick nod 1

This is how the play should look right before you snap the ball.  The slot receiver is your first read and the tight end is your second read.

madden 17 stick nod 2

We go ahead and snap the ball.

madden 17 stick nod 3

We notice the defense is in man to man coverage.  You can see already how open our slot receiver is going to get on this play.  His defender is already trailing him by a couple of yards.

madden 17 stick nod 4

As he takes a few steps further toward the middle of the field, you can see how big the passing lane is over the middle of the field.

madden 17 stick nod 5

We catch it and are able to turn it up field for a pretty nice gain.

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7 years ago

I used this in madden 16 and it worked great! Sure it will in madden 17