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Madden 17: Gun Y Trips Bengal – Y Corner

In today’s free Madden 17 tip, Stickwork and Stickhype are back to break down a really nice play found in a bunch of different playbooks.

You can check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 17: Gun Y Trips Bengal - Y Corner

Madden School UnlimitedPlaybook: Cincinnati Bengals

Formation: Gun Y Trips Z-Trip (Gun Y-Trips Bengal)

Play: Y Corner


  1. Put the RB/R1 receiver on a Slant


  1. The first read is the slant route over the middle
  2. The second read is the running back out of the backfield
  3. The third read is the A/X receiver on the corner route
  4. The last read is the X/Square receiver on the left side of the screen

Overview: This play will absolutely flood any type of zone that your opponent decides to run. This is because if your opponents’ zones are covering short routes the deeper routes will be open, and if the opponent is guarding deeper the shorter routes will be available.



This is how the pre-snap play art should look.


Right away you can see we can hit the R1/RB receiver over the middle or our running back coming out of the backfield.


In this screenshot we also have our B/circle receiver underneath but we are going to throw to our A/X tight end going toward the corner.


He beats the cornerback in coverage and makes the catch.


The play ends up in a 30 yard gain and a touchdown.

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