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Madden 17: Gun Doubles – Corner Strike

Today we are going over an offense that will beat the most common defense in Madden 17, the Tampa 2.

We’ve got the full analysis below.

Madden NFL 17: Gun Doubles - Corner Strike

Playbook: New England Patriots

Formation: Gun Doubles

Play: Corner Strike


  1. Motion in the B/O receiver and hike it before he sets


  1. The first read on the play is the B/O receiver
  2. The second read is the Y/Triangle receiver
  3. The third read is the running back out of the backfield

Overview: This play is focusing on primarily beating a Tampa 2 defense. Normally against a Tampa 2 defense, the corner routes would not be open. However, motioning the B/O receiver brings the cornerback down leaving the corner route wide open for a big gain.

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7 years ago

I need some m17 def and off e book plays