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Madden 17: 3-4 Even – Corner Blitz 3

Today we are back on the defensive side of the ball with a nice blitz that your opponent probably won’t expect.

You can check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 17 Blitz: 3-4 Even Corner Blitz 3

Playbook: Cleveland Browns

Formation: 3-4 Even

Play: Corner Blitz 3


  1. Press Coverage
  2. QB Contain
  3. Crash the line to Slant Left
  4. Zone the two blitzing lineman on the right of the screen

Overview: This blitz can be very effective when you mix it in because you are only blitzing three people.  User the middle linebacker and take away your opponents first read.  If you can take away his first read, by that time he should be under pressure. If your opponent blocks extra people to stop the blitz, then we have 8 defenders in zones with only 4 receivers going out for routes.

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