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Madden 17: Gun Bunch Open – PA Slots Over

In today’s free Madden 17 strategy, we are going over a play found in the San Francisco 49ers playbook that utilizes crossing routes over the middle of the field to overload the defense.

You can check out the way we run the play below.

Madden 17 Tips: Gun Bunch Open - PA Slots Over

Madden School UnlimitedPlaybook: San Francisco 49ers

Formation: Gun Bunch Open

Play: PA Slots Over


  1. Block the running back to take away the play action
  2. Motion the B/circle receiver to the left
  3. (Optional) Put the B/circle receiver on a drag route


  1. The first read is the drag route on the left side of the screen
  2. The second read is the Y/Triangle receiver over the middle
  3. The third read is the X/Square receiver on the left side of the screen
  4. The final read on the play is the B/circle receiver

Overview: This play is very effective because of the fact that it can beat both man and zone coverage with the exact same look. Also putting the B/circle receiver on the drag route makes it harder for your opponent to cover everything because they will have to start guessing which receiver you will throw to.


This is how the play should look right before you snap the ball.  Remember, you can put the B/circle receiver on a drag route if you would like.


The defense came out in man to man coverage, so we have a few options who will get open.


We decide to throw it to the underneath receiver who has room to catch the ball and turn it upfield.


By the time our receiver is tackled, we have a 15 yard gain and a first down.

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farnklin davila
farnklin davila
7 years ago

Just wanted to say thank you Nice play it was awesome I’m looking forward purchasing you’re e-book for the 49ers what you recommend me for the defense I play a lot of mud

Voodoo Rage
Voodoo Rage
7 years ago

So I go into my customized playbook and save 8 shotgun formations. I wanted to update my pb with the shotguns you have in your ebook. When I hit the practice field I only have 4 shotgun formations shown. Than I go back into my customized offensive playbook and it shows the 8 I saved. Any suggestions you can give me on get those 8 formations loaded in my customized practice playbook. Looking forward to your feedback.

Carl Mitchell
Carl Mitchell
7 years ago
Reply to  Madden School

I am also having the same issue and when i jump online to play some of my formations just vanish as and some are still there even though they are both in the same custom book.

7 years ago
Reply to  Voodoo Rage

If you have more than 41 formations in custom book that could happen.