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Madden 17 Defense: Force and Cutback Defenders

In today’s tip we are going over a new feature on defense in Madden 17, the Force defender. This defender is assigned on every play and is responsible for making sure any run to his side of the ball gets “forced” back to the inside.

In the video below, you can learn how this looks in the game and some effective strategies to make sure your force defender is doing his job properly.

To bring up the force defender pre-snap, press left or right on the right stick.

Madden 17 Force and Cutback Defenders

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Ready to Play
Ready to Play
7 years ago

@madden school , If the defensive flip slider isnt on,the defense won’t play their gap responsibility correctly against the run. Also what do you guys do about tackling those guys who can break 4-5 tackles every time or push forward for extra yardage every time they have the ball?? What is a good way to stop the ball carrier immediately? Ive played against some guys who use small runners and can push the defense ahead for another 5yds even when u have them in the backfield smh.

7 years ago
Reply to  Ready to Play

In my opinion there’s 2 types of running plays – Inside and Outside. Trying to read an offense in those two situations can be difficult. Get a feel for your opponent for a few quarters/possessions of the game to understand his strategy and trends when it comes to running. As far as stopping the ball carrier it is easier to stop the run when you have a lot of extra defenders helping you instead of going one on one with the ball carrier. Practice Gap drills, plug up all those holes in the line, blitz the A gap, try Cover 4 plays and press the DBs to cut off outside runs. Go for Conservative tackles only if you are having trouble taking them down, it is all about timing. There is an option that you can try when calling a play on defense that is similar to Coach Suggestions it is called “Run Formation Plays” I think, and it can help you call an effective man/zone blitz scheme to match what formation your opponent called.

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