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Madden 17 Defense: 3-4 Bear Pinch Dog 3 Part 2

We are going over how to get pressure from the left side of the screen out of the 3-4 Bear formation.  In Part 1, SnA Exclusive went over how to use this same play to get pressure from the right.

We’ve got the full breakdown below.

Madden 17 Defensive Scheme: 3-4 Bear Pinch Dog 3 (Part 2)

Playbook: Any 3-4 Playbook

Formation: 3-4 Bear

Play: Pinch Dog 3


  1. – Base Align
  2. – Slide the defensive line to the left + Crash them down
  3. – Blitz your MLB #1
  4. – Drop the LOLB into coverage

Overview: In part 2, here is a very simple left side overload to complement to right side overload we covered in part 1. Again, this is best for 3rd and long situations but this general look and defense can be used as a base defense against the run and play action. Stay tuned for part 3, which goes into different coverages from these same looks!

3-4 Bear 1

This is how the play should look before the offense snaps the ball.  You may need to manually cover the left side of the field since you are pretty weak over there.

3-4 bear 2

Notice that our middle linebacker shoots through the B Gap between the LT and LG.

3-4 Bear 3

The play ends in a sack and a 10 yard loss.

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