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Madden 17 Custom Playbooks From Madden School

One of the most requested features we received over the last few years was to make a custom playbook with every play from our Madden 17 ebooks.  After a few weeks of work, we have them ready for download on the XBOX One and PlayStation 4.

We have custom playbooks available for both offense and defense.  The custom playbooks for offense only feature plays from our ebooks.  They have every play from every Madden 17 ebook and we even set up our recommended audibles for each formation.

The custom playbooks for defense feature the all of formations we covered inside of our defensive ebook.  We choose not to limit it to only plays found inside of our ebooks because situations can come up where you will need a very specific play to stop an offense and we didn’t want to limit you to only plays found inside of our ebooks on defense.  However, every play found inside of our Madden 17 defensive ebooks can be found inside of the custom defensive playbook.

The video below goes over how to find and download the Madden School Custom Playbooks for Madden 17.  If you are on XBOX One search for, “MADDENSCHOOLOFF” and “MADDENSCHOOLDEF”

If you are on PlayStation 4 search for, “MSCHOOLOFF” and “MSCHOOLDEF”

Madden 17 Custom Playbooks From Madden School

Anyone can download these custom playbooks but only our Madden School Unlimited members will know the setups, reads, adjustments, etc.

Feel free to add in your own plays to further personalize our custom playbook to your style.  If you are an Unlimited member and have any questions on how to download or use the Madden School custom playbooks, feel free to leave a comment below or send over an email.

If you aren’t yet an Unlimited member, now is a great time to sign up! We already have 7 Madden 17 ebooks out and more on the way.  Madden School Unlimited gets you instant access to every piece of premium content for an entire year.

Madden 17 Guides Unlimited

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  1. This is a great idea and kudos to you all for going the extra mile to bring value to the customer. I will definitely subscribe every year I buy Madden.

    1. Sweet, and will you guy reveal what plays you are using in a video?

      1. The plays are all found inside of the ebooks. So really any of the plays inside of the offensive custom playbook can be effective if you set them up correctly.

    2. We really appreciate your support every year murrakp!

  2. Dude I swear madden school the greatest!!!

  3. Does this mean just anyone can download them? Could you make it a more creative username that only the paying members would get access to?

    1. Yes anyone can download them but they won’t know what to do to make the plays work correctly.

  4. Thanks guys. I tried to create my own custom playbooks from the eBooks and it took forever. Plus I still left plays out because the playbooks got full. So your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thanks for making this membership even better.

    1. You are absolutely welcome GorillaQB. We constantly try to add more and more features to our Unlimited membership every year.

  5. It’s almost unbelievable how much more you guys are ahead of the rest! Thanks for the hard work!!!!

    1. Really appreciate that man!

  6. Are these custom playbooks allowed in ranked H2H or mut?

    1. They are allowed in H2H but not in MUT

  7. Yeah, just wanted to leave a note saying how thankful I am you guys created these, so helpful. You might as well just lead with these next year. Brilliant.

    1. Thanks man. We really do appreciate your feedback, suggestions, and support.

  8. you guys are the best .I’m a member for life

    1. Definitely appreciate the support!

  9. I can’t wait to become an unlimited member