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5 Rookies To Look Forward To In Madden 18

It’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s Madden 18 player ratings. With the 2017 NFL draft class pretty much in place, we’re looking ahead to see which rookies you can look forward to playing with when Madden 18 comes out in August.

Our top rookies to watch for in Madden 18:   

Dalvin Cook – RB out of Florida State

Dalvin Cook has great breakaway running capabilities and should come into Madden 18 with solid Speed and Agility ratings.

On the downside, Cook will likely have a much lower rating than some of his counterparts in the Trucking and Strength categories. He should be a pretty solid playmaker no matter what, though.   

Mitch Trubisky – QB out of UNC

Mitch Trubisky should come into the game rated similar to Goff or Wentz, which is around the mid 70’s. Trubisky’s Short Throw Accuracy will likely be pretty favorable for a rookie quarterback, but he won’t be the reason seasoned Madden players choose to use the team that drafts him.

Since Trubisky started only 13 games during his time at UNC, then his Awareness rating is sure to suffer, and the low number will reflect his overall lack of experience.    

DeShone Kizer – QB out of Notre Dame

DeShone Kizer is possibly the most interesting rookie quarterback to watch out for in next year’s Madden simply due to his versatile skill set. Kizer’s Throw Power, Speed, and Throw on the Run ratings in Madden 18 could make Kizer a very attractive option at the quarterback spot.

Again, like Trubisky, Kizer’s lack of big game experience in college is likely going to limit his Awareness rating. Regardless, Kizer promises to give Madden players a playmaking option at the quarterback spot.  

Leonard Fournette – RB out of LSU

Those of you who like to use the running game will more than likely fall in love with Leonard Fournette in Madden 18. Fournette’s Trucking and Strength ratings are likely to be some of the highest in the game across the board, not just amongst the rookie class.

In terms of weaknesses, Fournette’s Speed and Catch ratings are almost sure to be his worst attributes, and players will have a hard time using him effectively on longer passing downs plus designating him as the 3rd Down Back in the depth chart.

Deshaun Watson – QB out of Clemson

Deshaun Watson is probably the biggest name in the Madden 18 rookie class. After winning the National Championship in dramatic and spectacular fashion, Madden players are anxious to see Watson’s ratings. That said, Watson’s big last second win in the championship game means his Awareness is sure to be the highest among all the rookie quarterbacks.

Watson’s ratings for Speed, Short Throw Accuracy, Throw on the Run, not to mention a possible Clutch Trait, should all excite Madden 18 players.

However, watch for Watson’s Throw Power to lower his overall rating in Madden 18. Watson’s lack of a big arm may limit the way Madden players can utilize him in the game. 

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andre spruill
andre spruill
7 years ago

I don’t know about you but the cheerleader squad could get more support. Forget about the coaches and the team in Madden 18 but use the cheerleaders. The 98′ Atlanta Falcons and 2001 Baltimore Ravens cheerleader squad were awesome. I know about the ring card girls in boxing and the NBA cheerleaders are legit. The closes was the NFL Blitz video game but the cheerleader need to be respected.

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