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madden 16 wildcat

Is Madden 16 The Year The Wildcat Formation Finally Disappears?

The wildcat has been in Madden for about 5 years now and each year it seems to get less and less popular.  EA Sports continues to reduce the effectiveness of it and with NFL teams barely running the wildcat in any form, Madden 16 may be the time to completely eliminate it.

You aren’t allowed to audible to or from the Wildcat formation.  You also can’t audible to a different play within the same wildcat formation you are in.  That creates a huge problem if you are running left and the defense is overloading that side of the field.  You either take a big loss or burn a time out.

The Wildcat can still be decently effective when you run it correctly but because of the reasons above, no hardcore gamer will make it a big part of their scheme.  Sim gamers won’t run it because it just doesn’t appear in the real NFL anymore.  Casual gamers often stick to the basics so they very rarely use the Wildcat as well.

Their are other cool formations and wrinkles that EA Sports could add to Madden NFL 16 like some of the formations the Patriots used in the playoffs.  That type of stuff would be more realistic but unfortunately it would be impossible for it to be implemented correctly because the reason it was effective is because the AI defense couldn’t actually be confused the same way the real defenders were.

Even if the Wildcat does make its way into Madden 16, it should be one of the last times we see it.

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