The 3-4 is a very powerful defense when harnessed correctly. In this breakdown, I’m going to show you how to get pressure by sending a default 5 man blitz against an offense who doesn’t like to block a RB or throw to the flats.

This blitz is ideal for 3rd/4th and long situations where the offense has to force the ball down the field.

Playbook: Baltimore Ravens

Formation: 3-4 Predator

Play: Will Fire 3 Seam


  1. Base Align
  2. Spread your defensive line
  3. Spread your linebackers
  4. Crash your defensive line down
  5. *OPTIONAL* QB Contain
  6. *OPTIONAL* Pass Commit

You can use this blitz to get pressure on your opponents as the Madden 15 season winds down.  Concepts like these can translate well into future Madden video games so this might be something you will want to try when Madden NFL 16 comes out in August.

How is this blitz working for you?  Leave us a comment.