Madden 16 is still a long way off but turning ideas into reality takes a long time.  That is why we are launching our Madden 16 wishlist early this year so if the EA Sports team likes your idea, they will have a real chance of implementing it.

Whether you want to see improvements made to specific game modes, if you have an idea for Madden 16 Ultimate Team, or if you’d like to see a feature added to franchise mode, leave us a comment!


Community feedback is something that the best video games have.  We all want Madden NFL 16 to be a great game so now is the time talk about what you’d like to see in it.

Please keep it classy.  The ideas that get heard are the ones that are well thought out and respectful.  Simply hating on Madden 15 doesn’t do anyone any good.  Discuss what you didn’t like about Madden 15 and how you’d like to see it improved in Madden 16.  Leave a comment below!