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madden nfl 16 suggestions

Madden NFL 16 Community Wishlist

Madden 16 is still a long way off but turning ideas into reality takes a long time.  That is why we are launching our Madden 16 wishlist early this year so if the EA Sports team likes your idea, they will have a real chance of implementing it.

Whether you want to see improvements made to specific game modes, if you have an idea for Madden 16 Ultimate Team, or if you’d like to see a feature added to franchise mode, leave us a comment!

Community feedback is something that the best video games have.  We all want Madden NFL 16 to be a great game so now is the time talk about what you’d like to see in it.

Please keep it classy.  The ideas that get heard are the ones that are well thought out and respectful.  Simply hating on Madden 15 doesn’t do anyone any good.  Discuss what you didn’t like about Madden 15 and how you’d like to see it improved in Madden 16.  Leave a comment below!

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  1. Please add online practice mode so you can do practice mode against your friends online. It would make it so much easier to lab!!

    1. Madden 16 should bring back cup vs cup mode,reason for we.are getting older my hands being to hurt and I love watching the playoffs.they need to add real home field advantage,Moore crown noise,real weather affects and more teams uniforms.stats throughout the game and highlights from other important games.On primetime game have new broadcast,and also let user have control of setting up configuration on controller stick

  2. Stop spending all of your development time on MUT please!!! Focus on gameplay

  3. I’d like to be able to watch the games of other users in my connected franchise. I’m in a six user league w friends and we would all watch each other for fun and for spygate reasons. I’d also like to play / practice w my team when I’m waiting for others to play. Thanks.

    1. That is an awesome suggestion Gannon and one shared by many of the members in the connected franchises we host on Madden School.

      1. please bring back community

        1. Please bring back the commiuity it was surly missed we couldn’t play with our friends like in the past maddens

    2. Good idea about practicing with your franchise team

  4. Hey guys I’m not going to lie EA Sports did a great job with Madden 15 compared to all the older titles. Complete overhaul, gameplay was smooth and graphics were greatly improved but still not close to what next gen can offer. Us fans have been patiently waiting and this year has to be the year! 3rd times a charm and that’s exactly what it can be for Madden this upcoming season. Gameplay has been tweaked to the point that I don’t think much more can be done and I can deal with that but the graphics and realism must improve in order to catch the eyes of all sports gamers out there. Listed below are a few ideas that I personally think could extremely help the team and improve this franchise to succeed.


    Player models and builds must improve. Kicker builds look like Olympic gladiators and defensive tackles are built like defensive ends. We need to improve the realism. All players height and weight should differentiate from one another. They should resemble there real life look and definition. Include fatty arms, chunky necks, thunder thighs and fat ankles. Completely redoing player models would probably be the best route to take. Include realistic hair and lengths. Example, Tom Brady’s neck hairline is visible with helmet on as most other players…Nick Foles. Allow gamers to modify arm length/wingspan and body length as well as body type definition in edit player mode.

    Presentation looked pretty good in Madden 15. The stadiums looked amazing guys and so did the lighting. Still could work on the grass a bit but great job! I noticed a few realistic stadium chants and details that really caught my attention. My squad is the Patriots you might know them….4 time Super Bowl Champs 🙂 anyways, heard the rifles fire after touchdown scores and the horn on 3rd down coming from the lighthouse towards the team entrance end zone. Thinking we add the following:

    – Cut scene of the Minutemen firing muskets after score
    – Slideshows of crowd in front rows holding signs looking into game cam cheering and chanting
    – include many more signature celebrations
    – Tom Brady spike after rushing TD
    – Tom Brady and OLineman rushing player after score
    – Many more group celebrations
    – Referee interactions with coaches and players
    – Display cut scenes of referees throwing flags or brainstorming together to come up with a decision
    – Touchdowns getting reviewed as in real life
    – More trash talking amongst players
    – More emotion during bad or good plays
    – Real stadium music
    – Example: When Patriots score they play audio “This is Our House” Bon Jovi, ACDC Thunderstruck pre kick offs

    Player Equipment:

    – Allow gamer to modify all equipment to any color not just team colors
    – Add additional helmet types
    – Add additional Eye Paint Variations
    – Add much more variations of cleat and glove styles
    – Add option to “Build your own Cleat”
    – Add various wrist tape lengths and addional elbow bands
    – Add padded sleeve item, most players are equipped with this item, Richard Sherman, Darrelle Revis, etc.
    – Add Kneebraces and neck pads
    – Add additional sock lengths
    – Redo ankle tape be able to use sock as wrap down to heel, Example Tom Brady.
    – Gloves to include team logo in middle of Palm in game gloves
    – Add mouthpieces and chinstraps extreme realism

    Great job with the 60 player likeness face models that was great! Don’t forget another 550 players to go :)! Don’t forget tattoos and realistic beards and hairstyles. Create additional deadlock styles. High cut under Armour cleats ohhh boy those would look sick! Eddy Lacy and Steven Ridley!

    Allow gamers to name team captains in edit player option. Improve halftime show include more realism, players talking to one another, oh and the sideline players smh I don’t need to fill
    in the blanks…get it lol. Players breathing in cold weather, warming hands in hand warmer or blowing into hands to stay warm, increased QB player movement at the line whilr conducting offensive play call. The list goes on guys just pleas do your best. Show us that Madden really is in the game because unfortunately it hasn’t been for quite sometime.


    1. THIS RIGHT HERE is all we need haha I really hope they see this!

    2. In addition to what Jonathan Da Costa has already, how about career ending injuries and players that fight and get ejected from the game, coach cussing out the player(s), if a player gets severely injured during the game and since they take a time out show the cart coming out and taking player off to the locker room. Need a lot more commentators saying more and reporting from the sidelines talking to players that just won a game etc…Have some if not all teams have trick plays. For the players that are hard hitters; let them knock the hell out of somebody! Linebackers more aggressive. Just some of my wish list.

    3. Madden needs to have a tangible or digital manual explaining the ratings of their slider system. No one wants to guess, or engage in constant trial and error of whether low or high ratings on defense pass reaction means higher or lower ai. S ome are reverse , some aren’t, which is stupid btw.

  5. Long Time Madden player here and I’ve definitely got a few wants from you guys!

    First and foremost me and my friends used to play the community mode non-stop and now there isn’t even a team play. So please if not re-implementing the community mode itself then at least 3v3 team play again. I realize there were host issues and other things, but I never really cared. It happens, and no game really has perfect connectivity.

    Secondly, and one I’m sure you’ll see more than just once is the CPU QB smartness. I don’t know how else to word that, but the CPU controlled QBs are outrageously smart. I don’t know how you would fix it because I don’t program the game of course, but wow can it be rough.

    With MUT, there are a lot of scams or people using in game exploits, this one is on EA, but as a customer of MUT yes I’ve dumped close to $100 this year alone. I would like to be taken seriously when I’m being cheated. So maybe a report center online, if someone is receiving multiple reports maybe some investigating should be done.

    Seriously though, Madden 15 was excellent, I loved all the new modes and giving players who may not know how to read coverage all those drills, and the gauntlet it is truly amazing. Thanks guys!

    tl;dr – Community Mode Please! CPU QB intelligence, and more serious EA bans, or punishments.

  6. I just want Owner Mode to not be broken, I want to see my favorite teams built up by me being an owner and controlling the background. I would like to see better options with stadiums and more reflective of the current stadium (AKA LP Field isn’t as godawful as they say it is on Madden 15)

    I just want Supersim to not be hidden like it is in Madden 15 too, it annoys me to have to do that double click. I understand this is a petty thing to complain about, but I’m terrible at defense and really want it to be snappier and quicker.

  7. I’d like to see more team history stats and a way to see the stats of just rookies throughout the season in CFM. I would also like to see the stats of the players you use in MUT. Number of yards and things like that throughout the life of the card.

  8. CFM needs: coordinators, a draft system more like that of NBA 2k, storylines that are accurate and varied, and a more realistic offseason.

    Gameplay-wise, D-Lineman need to attack gaps, not blockers. Receivers need to attack jump balls better. User defensive backs aren’t physical enough. QB and K Accuracy ratings should matter, Zach Mettenberger should not play like Peyton Manning, and there is a major statistical difference between the best and the worst kickers.

  9. I think in CFM mode that plays should disappear from your current drive and then reappear when you get the ball on offense. This would keep the hard-core sim style players on a “leash” if you would. And keep the commishes from get a headache from other users complaining about opponents running the same plays over and over. Lobby players probably disagree. Maybe make a hard core sim mode as an option when creating an online CFM.

  10. I mostly play Connected Franchise Mode, usually the owner. I love this game mode. Some things Id like to see is
    -being able to hire off/def coordinators. See how they work with the HC throughout the season and be able to fire them if you choose

    -maybe being able to be a coordinator and work your way to a HC positioning like you could in NCAA football.

    -make scouting more interactive. I remember older maddens you could do the combine and actually interact with prospects. Have mock drafts every week/couple of weeks. Just make scouting and the draft more interactive and that would be great.

    -Now when I think of the best My player mode in a madden game, I think of madden 06 (if I remember correctly, maybe 07). You were able to pick your parents backstory and work at the combine and sign an agent and do endorsement deals. It was all so fun…..but then it was all dropped for the simple my player mode and I lost all interest in it. Bring back HALF of what that game mode had and I wouldn’t be spending all of my time on owner mode.

    -BRING BACK THE OLD MY PLAYER MODE!!! I’m sorry for yelling but gosh that mode was the best. I’d spend days at a time on there. Sorry, I’m over it now. (I’ll never be over it)

    -madden 15s free agency was an upgrade over past years, but I think it can still be improved. Maybe be able to make promises and pitches for players. Let them have a list of goals/wishes/demands that they wanna see you, the coach/owner, do for them.

    -being able to sim weeks like how it was in maddens before 12. Where you can see your schedule and pick whatever week you wanted to go to.

    -have news papers and articles about each week. I know in some older maddens, maybe like 06-07, I loved looking through the news and seeing who got injured, who had a great game, who lost/won. It was a fun and interactive way to keep track of what was happening around the league.

    -practjce squad would be nice so you can sign some up and comers or some big potential/no name guy in the free agent pool.

    Seriously though, I miss the old maddens. Sometimes when I’m playing these newer ones, I want to find a cheap Ps2 and go buy madden 06/07/08 and just play my heart out, hell even madden 03 would be on my shopping list. Bring back some of the old thing and with the new graphics and gameplay system it would be a flawless game(exaggerating a bit, because every game has its flaw(s)). One more time, BRING BACK THE OLD MY PLAYER MODE. Alright I’m done with that. Adding in some new things that I mentioned would make the game more interactive and just a better experience.