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Madden 16: Strong Close Quick Toss

Today we are bringing you another really easy Madden 16 tip that beginners and experts can both use.  The play is extremely effective and it requires no setup whatsover.

You may have seen it being run online already since it seems to be extremely popular.  The play is called Quick Toss out of the Strong Close formation.

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Madden 16 Running Tip: Strong Close - Quick Toss

Playbook: Dallas Cowboys

Formation: Strong Close

Play: Quick Toss

Setup: None Required

Overview:  This play is incredibly simple but it seems like everyone is running it in Madden 16.  It works best if you have a speedy running back and a pretty good offensive line.

Let’s take a closer look at this play.

Quick Toss #1

This is how the play should look immediately before we snap the ball.

Quick Toss #2

You can see how good the blocking is out in front of our running back.

Madden 16 Strong Close Quick Toss

We get to the outside and then we just follow our blockers and turn the ball upfield.

Quick Toss #4

By the time we are finally tackled on this play, we end up with a 23 yard gain.

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8 years ago

I see this play all the time.

8 years ago

I need some serious help on defenses to stop the run!!

8 years ago

Man me too can’t stop the run

8 years ago

Spread your d line to the strong side then contain. User someone on that side. Same for all outside runs