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Madden 16 Patriots Playbook Money Play

EA Sports’ Madden developers continue to go over some of their favorite plays on offense in Madden NFL 16.  In the lastest “must have play” Larry Richart breaks down a play out of the New England Patriots playbook called Pats Y Stutter.

You want to get an athletic tight end like Rob Gronkowski matched up against a linebacker.

Playbook: New England Patriots

Formation: Gun Trips Y-Iso

Play: Pats Y Stutter

This new “Shot Play” allows you to take advantage of our new pass mechanics by throwing a high pass to Rob Gronkowski on the stutter curl and go route. If Gronk is double-covered, you can quickly look back at Julian Edelman on the underneath crossing route.

madden 16 gronk catch

This play should work well with any team that has a playmaking tight end, a quarterback who can get him the ball, and a slot receiver who can get open over the middle.

Madden NFL 16 is only 6 weeks away!  When it comes out, we will have plenty of money plays, schemes and tips for you.

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8 years ago

More pistol offense using jets team

8 years ago

Jets team defense to use in a tournmant.

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