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Madden NFL 16 Minnesota Vikings Team Breakdown

The Vikings come into Madden 16 in the upper echelon of teams.  Their team overall rating may not reflect it, but this team seems to be built for Madden.  A good quarterbacks, dominant running back, speedy receivers, and a strong defense.

We have the full Minnesota Vikings team breakdown for Madden NFL 16 below.

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Offensive Strategy: Balance.  Jerick McKinnon has the type of tools that make players very dangerous in Madden.  That being said, he is probably the 6th most talented skill player on the Vikings Madden 16 roster.  Teddy Bridgewater can make all the throws and is mobile enough to make the defense think about his scrambling ability.  The receivers are fast and talented, and Adrian Peterson is always one of the best running backs in any Madden game.  Stay balanced and you should have no trouble moving the ball.

Defensive Strategy: Bend but don’t break.  This might seem like a weird strategy for a team with so many playmakers on defense.  All you have to do though is not make mistakes so don’t get too aggressive.  Everson Griffen and Anthony Barr can get pressure all by themselves.  Eric Kendricks is one of the perfect user middle linebackers.  And then the secondary is completely loaded in terms of Madden talent.  Your defense should be better than most offenses in Madden 16.

Impact Players: QB Teddy Bridgewater, HB Adrian Peterson, HB Jerick McKinnon, WR Mike Wallace, WR Cordarrelle Patterson, TE Kyle Rudolph, C John Sullivan, RT Phil Loadholt, RE Everson Griffen, DT Sharrif Floyd, LOLB Anthony Barr, MLB Eric Kendricks, CB Captain Munnerlyn, CB Xavier Rhodes, CB Trae Waynes, CB Josh Robinson, FS Harrison Smith

Key Newcomers: CB Trae Waynes, MLB Eric Kendricks

Strengths: Playmakers.  Out of the 17 skill positions in Madden (not counting offensive line) the Vikings have 16 players we identify as impact players.  That is absolutely nuts but the Vikings are that good this year.

Weaknesses: Lack of dominant playmakers.  This might seem weird after we just highlighted the Vikings strength as playmakers.  However, outside of Adrian Peterson the Vikings don’t have any players that we consider to be truly elite.  A team like the Seahawks has a bunch of truly elite Madden players (Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Jimmy Graham, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, etc)  The Vikings have lots of really good players but they aren’t a team that has great players everywhere.

Overview: The Vikings are a team that a lot of elite level pro gamers will use this year.  Depending on how you look at them, they are either a top 5 or top 10 Madden 16 team   If you use them correctly, you should win a lot of games.

What did we miss Vikings fans?  Sound off in the comments section.

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  1. Where is Audie Cole on here?

    1. His speed rating is always so slow that he can’t make too much of an impact in Madden games which are dominated by speed.

  2. Why isn’t Everson Griffen under impact players?

    1. He is. You just must have missed him.

  3. Charles Johnson needs to be on the playmakers list instead of John Robinson. With or without his injury Robinson is going to have a hard time making this roster

    1. Thanks for the comment Chance!

  4. Outside of AP, Harrison Smith is an elite safety in this league. And how can you neglect Xavier Rhodes after recording the lowest completion percentage against wide receivers in the NFL last season?

  5. I’m gon keep my eye on the Vikings. Really haven’t played them much on madden in a couple years

  6. This is going to be Kyle Rudolph’s year to shine. He’s bigger and faster than Gronkowski while playing the Antonio Gates role in a Norv Turner offense. If he can manage to stay healthy I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a rating boost into the 90s. Matt Kalil should have a bounce back year as well. Brandon Fusco was a top OG in the league last season. Good write up!

  7. Mike Wallace should be a new comer. And he isn’t “elite” but he has the talent and speed to keep a safety back which leads to less coverage because less blitz.. on another not jerrius Wright(I always forget how to spell his name) is VERY underrated in Madden but HUGE play maker in the slot. Like your page though!

  8. What about Stephan diggs very key newcomer