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How To Defend Four Verticals in Madden 16

In today’s free Madden 16 video tip, SnA Exclusive is going over how he stops one of the most popular plays in Madden NFL 16, four verticals, while still being able to do a decent job defending the run,

You can check out the full breakdown below.

Defending Four Verticals in Madden 16

Playbook: Any 4-3 playbook

Formation: 4-3 Stack

Play: Cover 4


  1. Shift your linebackers to the left
  2. Re-blitz your ROLB
  3.  Crash your defensive line to the right
  4. (Optional) QB Contain
  5. Fake blitz with the MLB over the center

Overview:  Four Verticals is a very popular play online this year due to the big potential of Aggressive Catching, the man beating crossing route and the improved HB “leak” route that beats man coverage.

Instead of using man coverage across the board from Quarters I’m going to show you a different technique which creates pressure and forces your opponent to make quick reads and can lead to a lot of turnovers.

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  1. I’ve been interested in purchasing an E-book for some time but I want to know before I purchase what it will contain. For example, how many blitzes, are they edge pressure or true gap blitzes (aka nanos). What formations are they out of and which playbooks contain them? And most important of all, is everything working post-patch?

    1. Each ebook’s information page goes over all of that information for each specific ebook. We do update all of our ebooks as patches come out and change things.

  2. Can you make a video on a blitz from nickel nascar..

  3. Great information. I have been playing so many cheats online. Nobody plays real football anymore. Their players are faster and smarter than there ratings and catch everything. My defense/offensive guys don’t react. What are they using to achieve this?

  4. Is it possible to stop qb sneak in this game ?