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I-Form Pro – PA Drop Shot

In today’s free Madden 16 tip, SnA Exclusive is going over a good play that you can add into your scheme to move the ball downfield.

You can check out the full analysis below.

Madden 16 Tips: I-Form Pro PA Draw Shot

Playbook: New Orleans Saints

Formation: I-Form Pro

Play: PA Draw Shot (Flipped)


  1. Substitute a faster RB at fullback via packages or manual subs
  2. Hot route the FB to a streak route and motion him towards the TE


  1. The fullback on the streak route
  2. Backside crossing route

Overview: They key to this play is being able to isolate and manipulate 2 defenders on defense: the Free Safety and the strongside ILB. The FS is forced to cover the TE on his deep post because it gets behind the CB on the backside.

This leaves a giant opening in the deep middle that we can exploit with the RB. Due to this opening, it now creates a choice for the ILB. He has to sink and take the streak or leave the streak and cover the deep crossing route.

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  1. I love play action with this game

    1. We are just mostly focused on delivering content to our Unlimited members right now. We have already released plenty of free tips. We will still do more just not as often as before.

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