In today’s free Madden 16 tip, SnA Exclusive is going over a good play that you can add into your scheme to move the ball downfield.

You can check out the full analysis below.

Playbook: New Orleans Saints

Formation: I-Form Pro

Play: PA Draw Shot (Flipped)


  1. Substitute a faster RB at fullback via packages or manual subs
  2. Hot route the FB to a streak route and motion him towards the TE


  1. The fullback on the streak route
  2. Backside crossing route

Overview: They key to this play is being able to isolate and manipulate 2 defenders on defense: the Free Safety and the strongside ILB. The FS is forced to cover the TE on his deep post because it gets behind the CB on the backside.

This leaves a giant opening in the deep middle that we can exploit with the RB. Due to this opening, it now creates a choice for the ILB. He has to sink and take the streak or leave the streak and cover the deep crossing route.

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