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Madden 16: Nice Passing Play For The Red Zone

Scoring when you get inside the other team’s 20 yard line is essential for you to win in Madden 16.  In this Madden 16 tip, we are going over a good passing play that is effective even when you get into the red zone.

The full breakdown is below.

Madden 16 Red Zone Passing Play

Playbook: New Orleans Saints

Formation: Pistol Bunch TE

Play: Fk Screen


  1. Put the outside receiver on a curl route.
  2. Put the tight end on a slant or a drag route.
  3. (Optional) Put the RB in a swing route or a wheel route


  1. Your main read against zone coverage is your receiver on the curl route
  2. You can always look to your tight end or the receiver on the trail route as well

Overview: This is a great play for the red zone in Madden 16! Mix the counter and strong power runs in this formation in with this play and you’ll have a nice scheme.

Madden 16 Pistol Bunch TE FK Screen #1
This is how the play should look before we snap the ball.

Madden 16 Pistol Bunch TE FK Screen #2

Right away we can see that our primary read looks to be covered.

Madden 16 Pistol Bunch TE FK Screen #3

If we wait a second longer, usually our 2 receivers will clear out any defenders in zone defenses leaving our primary receiver open.

Madden 16 Pistol Bunch TE

We bullet the pass in there and we make the catch before the defense has time to react.

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