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Madden NFL 16: Man Coverage Beater

In this free Madden 16 tip, we are going over an easy way to beat man to man defense.  It uses a technique called a man switch that causes 2 of the defenders to switch who they are covering on defense.  The result is usually a wide open receiver.

We have the full breakdown below.

Madden 16: Strong Tight - PA TE Cross

Playbook: Baltimore Ravens

Formation: Strong Tight

Play: PA TE Cross


  1. Block the running back to take away the play action. (Very Important)
  2. Put the X or square receiver on a drag route.
  3. Put the fullback (RB/R1) on a wheel route.


  1. The main read on this play is to read the people that are manned up on the fullback and the A/X route. It is a man switch and A/X gets a speed burst past the man coverage.
  2. Then with the man switch, it gives the fullback a step on his man to where you can hit him in the flats for a short gain.
  3. If these two routes fail, you have your check down to the drag route which is the X/square receiver.

Overview: This play is a man defense beater.  There is a man switch that causes the two receivers to get a lot of separation for a great gain. Man switches are difficult for your opponent to user cover because there is more than one route to worry about.

Also, as shown in the video, if you misread and your opponent is in zone, you still have the ability to throw to the drag and wheel route. This will give you a positive gain on the play.

Madden 16 PA TE Cross #1

This is a look at the play right before we snap the ball.

Madden 16 PA TE Cross #2

This is where the man switch happens.  Both defenders cover our tight end for a split second and then they both go try to cover our fullback before one of them realizes he should be covering our tight end.

Madden 16 PA TE Cross #3

You can see that we have the defender completely beat with a solid 3 or 4 steps on him.

Madden 16 PA TE Cross #4

We make the catch for about a 15 yard gain.  If that safety isn’t there in the deep blue zone, we probably have a touchdown.

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