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Madden 16 Will Have New Tools For Quarterbacks, Receivers, and DBs

News continues to trickle out of EA Sports regarding their upcoming game, Madden NFL 16.  Earlier today, they announced the players in the cover tournament.  A few weeks ago, we were told that there would be new controls in the passing game.

Today, EA Sports expanded on that slightly with this quote from their cover vote press release:

All the competitors in this year’s contest are highlight-making machines, delivering some of the greatest plays on the gridiron every single week. Fans will have the opportunity to create these moments for themselves in Madden NFL 16 and Be the Playmaker in the battle for Air Supremacy.

Based on the players in the cover tournament and that quote, it is fair to assume that Madden 16 will be all about improving the passing game much like how Madden 15 was about improving defense with Richard Sherman on the cover.

EA Sports continues with:

Intuitive new tools for quarterbacks, receivers and defensive backs bring the passing game to new levels, and now the battle between the offense and defense is yours to win.

While still admittedly vague, we are starting to see how Madden 16 is shaping up.

The other small piece of information was the confirmation of which consoles Madden 16 will be on but that comes as no surprise.  It will be on the PlayStation 4, XBOX One, PlayStation 3, and XBOX 360.

As always, when Madden NFL 16 comes out we will have the best free Madden 16 tips for both offense and defense.

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