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Madden 16 New Orleans Offense Mini eBook

Our latest Madden 16 Mini-eBook is now available and it covers the New Orleans Offensive playbook.  The Mini-eBook contains 14 plays out of 3 extremely popular formations that will leave your opponent confused and wanting to quit.

The New Orleans Offense Mini-eBook is only $9.99!

The formations covered in the Madden School New Orleans Offense Mini eBook are:

  • Gun Tight Offset TE
  • Pistol Bunch TE
  • Strong Close

This mini ebook is designed to work with the latest Madden 16 patch released in February.  Spice up your offense today with some of the best plays in the game for only $9.99!

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Or you can get access to all 7 of our Madden 16 eBooks via Madden School Unlimited.

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8 years ago

I’m a member but I can not access the Saints e-book. Why not?

8 years ago

What’s a good book to get use or whatever to stop these saints plays I’ve been getting killed by them

Stealth Spyu78
Stealth Spyu78
7 years ago

If you buy an Ebook, are written breakdowns of the plays included?