Scoring when you get near the goal line is tough in Madden 16.  In this free Madden School tip, we are going over a good running play that will help you score in the red zone.

You can check out the setup below.

Playbook: Any

Formation: Goal line

Play: Strong Toss and HB Sting


  • Put your 2 best blocking TE’s at TE1 and TE2.
  • Put your best blocking backup OT at TE3 (the wing TE).

Version 1 Setup:

  1. Motion the inside TE on the playside out wide

Version 2 Setup:

  1. Motion the FB to the playside and wait for him to stop and get set, or hike the ball as soon as he gets to his stopping position

Pre-snap reads:

  1. Count the number of defenders on each side and usually I will run to the side with less players on it.

Summary: Goalline Strong Toss is a great play for short yardage downs and goalline / go-for-2 situations. Use this play to force the opponent to start moving defenders and anticipating the toss, then hit them inside with the HB Sting run or Power-O or run the toss to the other side of the field for a big gain.

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