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Madden NFL 16 Philadelphia Eagles Team Breakdown

The Philadelphia Eagles are a dangerous team in Madden NFL 16.  Although they don’t have a great quarterback or dominant wide receivers, they have plenty of weapons.  When used correctly, they will be really difficult to stop.

Here is the full Eagles team breakdown for Madden 16.

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Offensive Strategy: Run the ball consistently. Demarco Murray is an elite Madden running back.  Once the defense starts keying in on the run, you should start getting the ball to your tight ends and young receivers.  Depending on his rating, you may want to sub in Tim Tebow every now and then to make your running game even more effective.

Defensive Strategy: 3-4 defense with a good mix of pressure and coverage.  The Eagles have 2 middle linebackers that will make a big impact in Kiko Alonso and Mychal Kendricks.  Fletcher Cox can create some pressure while CB Byron Maxwell can shut down some of those tall receivers that are always so effective in Madden.

Impact Players: QB Sam Bradford, QB Tim Tebow, HB Demarco Murray, HB Darren Sproles, TE Brent Celek, TE Zach Ertz, LT Jason Peters, RT Lane Johnson, RE Fletcher Cox, MLB Kiko Alonso, MLB Mychal Kendricks, CB Byron Maxwell, FS Malcolm Jenkins

Key Newcomers: QB Sam Bradford, QB Tim Tebow, HB Demarco Murray, HB Ryan Matthews, WR Nelson Agholor, MLB Kiko Alonso, CB Byron Maxwell

Strengths: The running game and middle linebackers.  The Eagles have 3 good running backs.  Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles are good role players while Demarco Murray is a top 5 Madden 16 running back.  The Eagles also have 2 middle linebackers who should be able to disrupt anything over the middle.

Weaknesses: Quarterback.  Sam Bradford is a servicable Madden quarterback but he is not nearly good enough to carry the team.  Tim Tebow can be a good alternative because of his running ability but you will sacrifice passing accuracy.

Overview: Chip Kelly seemed to dismantle the entire Eagles team this offseason but when you look at their roster in Madden NFL 16, the team actually looks really competitive.

What did we miss?  Sound off in the comments section.

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  1. In the real NFL it is no problem getting 3 RBs on the field, but in Madden there isn’t much of a point to play 3 backs. However I think Sproles can be very effective subbed in in the slot. He has good pass catching ability and is a good combination of speed and elusivness.

    1. Good points, I think you can easily use 2 running backs well in Madden but getting the 3rd on the field for more than a few snaps is tough.

      1. I will probably roll with Sproles as my #3 WR behind Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor. Then try to get him the ball in space and see what happens. I am intruiged by getting Tim Tebow in the game in some packages too.

        1. Put him at #4 It would be better

  2. Marcus Smith isn’t a newcomer lol

    1. Good point Tyrone. I just fixed it.

  3. Who would you choose between Kansas City, Minnesota, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia for M16?

    1. That is a tough one. I really like the Vikings this year but all of those other teams will be really competitive too.

      1. How do you think their offensive line will pan out? I’m thinking about playing with them (Vikings) because of their defense. I’m worried about Kansas City just because Alex Smith is weak at throwing the deep ball, Bengals Andy Dalton is a problem and also the defense is aging a little, Eagles Sam Bradford is questionable and also the secondary even though they revamped it.

        1. I think having a dominant running back and an average offensive line is much more important in Madden games than the other way around. With Adrian Peterson running the ball, the Vikings offensive line will be plenty good for Madden purposes.

          1. That makes sense. Thanks for the information. How do you think the wide receiver core will work out?

          2. Mike Wallace and Cordarrelle Patterson are both really dangerous in Madden

    2. I would pick Philly hometown boyyyyyyy

  4. Bring on the Greenbay Packers team review. When is it their turn? Easily will be an elite madden 16 team. #Cant wait

    1. The Packers team breakdown will be out in about a week.

      1. What about the Jets team review?

        1. The Jets breakdown is still probably a few weeks away

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    Still won't buy Madden says:

    When will Madden implement 1-gap and 2-gap style defenses? FYI, the Eagles run a 2-gap 3-4 defense

  6. Pick deflate gate aka Pats, Eagles, or Broncos

  7. Do you know if they will put the create a team feature back in the game this year?

  8. Nice review but I have NO clue how you miss including Connor Barwin in your review of the team. I’m a fan of Mychal kendricks but theres no doubt in my mind that Connor Barwin is our best LB