In today’s free Madden 16 tip, we are going over a few adjustments that you can make to Cover 2 Man  defense that does a really good job of taking away corner routes.

If you are playing Madden 16 at a high level, you have to be comfortable with non-traditional coverages like this one.  This type of defense is mostly used at very high levels.  If you aren’t playing elite competition, this might be a play to skip over.

Madden School Unlimited

Playbook: Any

Formation: Any

Play: 2 Man Under


  1. Place your CB’s into deep zones
  2. Place your Safety’s into buzz (purple) zones

Overview: 2 Man under is a very strong defense in Madden due to the automatic press coverage look and lock down man coverage. One play that’s always been an achilles heel to it is the corner strike play.

This tip teaches you how to eliminate that play and create bracket coverage on the outside with press man coverage in the slot and also allows you as a user to lurk over the middle of the field.

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