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Madden 16 Blitz That Brings Double Edge Pressure

In this free Madden 16 tip, we are going over a way to bring an effective blitz even when your opponent is blocking an extra running back or tight end.

The play can be found in the Dime Normal formation and is called 3 Double Sky.  The full breakdown is below.

Madden 16 Double Edge Heat: Dime Normal - 3 Double Sky

Playbook:  46 or Multiple D

Formation: Dime Normal

Play: 3 Double Sky


  1. Base align
  2. Press coverage
  3. Crash the D-Line down
  4. (Optional) QB contain and pass commit

Overview:  Just cover the middle of the field and take away tight end streaks.   This is a nice blitz that can be risky but it does bring nice double edge heat.

Let’s take a look at the play in more detail.

Madden 16 Dime Normal Double Sky 3 #1

This is how the play should look right before the snap.  Make sure you base align and use press coverage so your cornerbacks are in the correct position.

Madden 16 Dime Normal Double Sky 3 #2

You can see the heat from both blitzing cornerbacks.

Madden 16 Dime Normal Double Sky 3

The play ends in a sack.  If our opponent is blocking an extra running back, we should still get one man free.

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8 years ago

I really want to be great at defense can anybody help me

8 years ago

How do you put the blitzing corners in quarterback contain