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Madden 16 Easy Money Play Out Of Strong Close

In this free Madden 16 tip, we are going over an easy money play that you can use to beat both man and zone defenses in Madden 16.  The play can be found in the Strong Close formation and is called WR Outs.

We have the full breakdown below.

Madden 16 Money Play: Strong Close - WR Out

Playbook: New Orleans Saints

Formation: Strong Close

Play: WR Out


  1. Put the B/Circle receiver on a drag route.
  2. Put the Running back on a wheel route.

Reads Against Man Defense:

  1. The first read on this play is the X/Square receiver hit him on his cut, and cut up the field.
  2. Next, The A/X receiver gets great separation on his route.
  3. Lastly, if those two fail you have the drag route as a check down.

Reads Against Zone Defense:

  1. The primary target here is the running back out of the backfield, so the fullback will block for him.
  2. The drag route is also open underneath the zone coverage.

Overview: This particular play is able to beat both man and zone coverage. As long as you make the correct read you will gain positive yards. Against man, the routes create a lot of separation that gives you a chance at a big play.

When faced with zone the primary target is the running back, hit him out of the backfield so the fullback can block for him. This also gives a chance at a big play if you make a defender miss.

Madden 16 Strong Close WR Out #1

This is how the play should look before we snap the ball.

Madden 16 Strong Close WR Out #2

We are matched up against man to man defense.  We can see our X/square receiver on the quick out route is going to get open.

Madden 16 Strong Close WR Out #3

We make the catch and we have some room to turn it upfield for about a 10 yard gain.

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8 years ago

Worked fine in practice, but in a game , all a sudden the wheel route was opposite the fullback route, what determines what side the wheel route will go?

8 years ago
Reply to  Villanman

if that happens just audible and reverse the play….you will have to drag the WR again accordingly