When you effectively mix in nano blitzes with max coverage defenses, you will get a lot of stops.  Elite Madden 16 gamers always change up their defense while making it look the same to the offense.

Blitz when your opponent isn’t blocking extra guys and drop into a max coverage defense when your opponent blocks extra guys.  We have already covered some blitzes out of this formation.  Today, we are going over a max coverage play.

Playbook: 46

Formation: 46 Bear Under

Play: Cover 3 (Max Coverage)


  1. Base Align.
  2. Put the left side of the screen defensive end in a purple zone
  3. Put the defensive tackle in a QB spy
  4. Put the right side of the screen defensive end in a purple zone

Overview: This play goes along with the other blitzes in the 46 Bear Under formation. This play is what changes the LB dog blitzes from good to great. With this mixed in your opponent will be on their heels and never know what to expect.

Your opponent will block extra people for the blitz and then have less receivers while we have zones everywhere. When mixed in correctly, this play will get a lot of turnovers.

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