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Madden 15 Wildcat Offense Mini Scheme

It is always nice to have a few change of pace plays to throw into your offense just to give your opponent a look he hasn’t seen.  In this 2 play mini scheme we will go over a way to use the Wildcat to pick up solid yards.

You will want to use a quarterback with high speed rating for this to work best.

Madden 15 Tips - How to Effectively Run the Wildcat

Playbook: Indianapolis Colts

Formation: Wildcat

Plays: Jet Sweep and PA Jet Sweep

Setup for Jet Sweep:

No setup needed! Keep it with your qb 90% of the time and follow the blocks. Sometimes you can pitch it if need be. Only give it to your running back to keep the defense off guard

Setup for PA Jet Sweep:

  1. Pinch your offensive line


  1. Y/Triangle
  2. X/Square

Overview: What I do here is cancel the play action right away by hitting RT on Xbox One or R2 on PlayStation. If I read blitz, I will hit the TE.  If I read the defense is in a zone with a light blue flat zone, I will roll left and keep it with the quarterback.  If I read zone with no light blue, I throw it to my X/Square receiver.

Remember when running this play it has BIG play potential! Read your blocks and take it to the house!

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